Keune Developer 1000ml

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Keune Developer 1000ml in Pakistan

Keune Tinta developer offers the best consequences while coloring hair- it protects the hair, continues hair from fading, and increases color stability in Pakistan. Tinta cream developer is more stabilized in order that the h202 percent will stay the same, even at higher temperatures. For excessive lift colorings, the best mix is 1 component hair dye to two parts developer. For toners, the correct blend is also 1 part toner to 2 elements developer. Use your dye brush to mix the coloration and the developer into an easy paste without lumps as inside the image below semi-color activator, 1000ml. develops and stabilizes the color. Keune semi coloration activator is a special developer used with keune semi color. The activator offers higher balance and longer durability of the color.Keune tinta cream developer is the developer for keune tinta color. It has more balance, so the hydrogen peroxide percent will stay equal, even at high temperatures. Only in color mixed with Tinta cream developer will give the most beneficial result.


The best tinta cream developer includes the color stabilizer lp 300. lp three hundred protects the shape of the hair and ensures optimal shade balance, mainly for crimson sun shades utilization: three% – 10 extent on bleached or highlighted hair/refresh application at the lengths and ends/darker coloring 6% – 20 extent same level or darker/1-2 colour stages lighter nine% – 30 extent 2-three colour stages lighter up to three shade ranges lighter with Tinta shade one thousand – unique blonde collection 3-4 color ranges lighter with Tinta colour 1500 – remarkable ash-blonde collection 3-four shade ranges lighter with Tinta shade 2000 – excellent blonde four-five shade degrees lighter with Tinta shade 3000 collection – ultra blonde 12% – 40 quantity 3-four shade tiers lighter up to 4 coloration levels lighter with Tinta shade a thousand – special blonde collection four-5 coloration ranges lighter with Tinta color 1500 – terrific ash-blonde series as much as five shade levels lighter with Tinta color 2000 – incredible blonde up to 6 colour ranges lighter with Tinta coloration 3000 collection – extremely blonde blessings: easy to combine, easy to apply, high-quality perfume, does no longer stain the scalp.




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