Framesi Rebonding Kit

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Brand Farmesi
Item Form Cream
Quantity 40g
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Framesi Rebonding Kit in Pakistan

A relatively defensive, formaldehyde-free straightening gadget that allows hair to collect new textures with a brief processing time. It eliminates frizz, leaving hair smooth, clean, and greater plausible. Framesi straightening machine allows you to create texture with the aid of refining herbal curl through relaxing, curl reduction, and redirection of herbal increase patterns. It has a decrease ph than traditional relaxers, allowing you to create lovely outcomes even as retaining the integrity of the hair. Preserve brushing wet hair to straighten hair certainly. Apply a smoothing cream or serum to straighten hair certainly. Rinse your hair with milk to straighten hair naturally. Use a banana-honey mask twice per week to straighten hair evidently. Partition your hair, pin up and go away in a single day for straightening hair naturally in Pakistan.





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