Zestra Oil

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Zestra Oil in Pakistan

Many girls say feelings of intimacy and being “in the temper” do not occur as clearly as they would really like. Zestra became developed to offer ladies an additional enhance, allowing women to experience the zestra rush. Zestra’s patented combination of botanical oils and extracts is formulated to assist women’s sexual sensation improving intimate experiences. Created to help ladies experience more — effects. Topically applied for zestra works within mins via heightening sensitivity to touch – for deep, fulfilling reports.Zestra isn’t a personal lubricant. If you do use a personal lubricant for comfort throughout sex, follow zestra first. Wait five minutes for zestra to begin working, then practice a lubricant. You should observe zestra first to experience the full results of the oi in Pakistan.


Zestra becomes designed to be at once carried out, before or at some point of foreplay. The results commonly start within three to 5 minutes and last up to 45 mins. Maximum women locate that one packet or 4 pumps from the zestra crucial arousal oils bottle permits them to get hold of most benefit. However, a few women locate that half of a packet or 2 pumps is enough.

Main Ingredients

Borage seed oil, night primrose oil, angelica extract, coleus forskohlii extract, theobromine, antioxidants. Ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c), tocopherol (nutrition e), and taste.




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