Yoko Cream 12g in Pakistan

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Yoko Cream 12g in Pakistan

This whitening cream is a facial cream for treating skin issues which include freckle, zits, pimple and darkish spot. Also it is specifically formulated to smooth and whiten your facial pores and skin. … path: yoko whitening cream for your face day and night time everday. Use as make up foundation.
Yoko whitening cream with herbal formulation includes co enzyme q-10, moisturizer and uv safety as basis to preserve your face extra white and brighter effictively apply day and night as foundation. For all pores and skin kinds.

Yoko Cream 12g Uses

This product is available in 3 formulations along with aloe vera extract, papaya extract and spf 15. Aloe vera extract: white oil vaseline white, kojic acid, lanolin, allantoin, nutrition e, beeswax, chthyle alcohol, titanium dioxide and fragrance. Papaya: chthyle alcohol, allantoin white oil vaseline white, beeswax, titanium dioxide, lanolin, fragrance, kojic acid and diet e. spf15: beeswax, cetylalcohol, vaseline white, mineral oil, fragrance, titanium dioxide, allantoin and lanolin oil. For males and females. Herbal extracts. Natural formula. Co enzyme q-10. This whitening cream is a facial cream for enhancing skin troubles together with freckle, pimples, pimple and dark spots. The product may additionally purpose inflammation if your pores and skin is simply too touchy
The enzyme “papain” from papaya helps whien, melt and moisturize your skin. The cream also can be used as a make-up foundation.


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