Sexy Hair H2NO Day Style Saver Dry Shampoo 175ml

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Brand Style Sexy Hair
Item Form Shampoo
Quantity 175ml
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Imported From USA


Sexy Hair H2NO Day Style Saver Dry Shampoo 175ml in Pakistan

Attractive hairstyle horny h2no day style saver dry shampoo is light and layerable dry shampoo which refreshes the hair and Helps to hold blow-dried styles. Maintain your impeccable style looking clean for three days with this lightweight, translucent dry shampoo specifically formulated with. Panthenol, sunflower oil, and silica, style horny h2NO three-day fashion. Saver dry shampoo will provide shine and assist prolong the time. Between shampoos for more healthy hair. Suitable for all hair types, fashion sexy h2no  day style, saver. Dry shampoo is paraben and sulfate loose and facilitates to refresh. Shade vibrancy, softness, and shine and additionally help to lessen, chemical damage to the hair in Pakistan.


Sexy Hair


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