Seven Herbal Ubtan in Pakistan

Ubtan is a “traditional splendor paste” utilized in sub-continent. It’s miles being used for hundreds of years to enhance equity, brightness and softening of the pores and skin. Girls used to prepare it in their homes in antique times. However now it on this fast lifestyles girls don’t have any time to go through its prolonged process. In order that they have been disadvantaged of this kind of beneficial and staggering beauty paste which not handiest cleans the pores and skin but additionally makes the pores and skin more youthful, smoother and softer.Makes the pores and skin radiant and honest.Advanced export quality.With sun display.Pure herbs.

What Is Ubtan?

Going back numerous centuries, ubtan become and still is, regarded as one of the maximum sacred ayurvedic cosmetics that has restoration properties. Organized with the aid of mixing herbs and crucial oils, ubtans had been at one time made with coarsely ground legumes. It become considered as the perfect cleansing agent, and in many methods, it nevertheless is. in step with ayurveda, one need to make an ubtan in accordance in your dosha or the imbalances in your body which motive skin harm or ruptures. Doshas are the base of ayurveda drugs and are labeled into vatta, pita and kapha.

Clears the Pores and Skin

Ubtan is understood for visibly decreasing zits scars, marks, pigmentation, and many others that are frequently determined on sun-damaged skin. For quicker effects, you may mix some drops of lime juice in it as it has bleaching houses. This makes it all the extra effective.

Applied For

Moisturization & nourishment, radiance & glow, replenishing & rejuvenation, skin brightening, pigmentation removal, dead pores and skin elimination, skin smoothening, anti-acne & acne, deep cleaning, skin firming


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