Scabion Lotion

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Scabion Lotion in Pakistan

This medication is used to deal with scabies. Scabies is a pores and skin infection due to mites that burrow into the pores and skin. Infection from the mites ends in intense itching and small bumps/blisters full of fluid/pus. Crotamiton works by killing the mites that cause scabies. It additionally facilitates relieve itching related to scabies and other skin situations. Crotamiton belongs to two instructions of medication: scabicides and antipruritics.


This medicine is for use on the skin best. Do no longer take this remedy by way of mouth. Keep away from making use of crotamiton on the face, eyes, mouth, vagina, and any pores and skin that is infected, raw, or oozing fluid. If you are the usage of the lotion, shake the bottle thoroughly before use. to deal with scabies, take a bathtub or bathe before using this medicine. Put off scaly or crusted pores and skin with the aid of rubbing gently. Then dry with a towel.


Worsening skin inflammation (which includes itching, redness) may also occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, forestall the usage of this remedy and inform your health practitioner or pharmacist directly. Remember that your health practitioner has prescribed this medicine because he or she has judged that the gain to you is more than the hazard of facet results. Many human beings the usage of this medicine do no longer have serious aspect consequences. A totally critical allergic reaction to this drug is uncommon.





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