Cosmelite Cream


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Cosmelite Cream in Pakistan

Cosmelite cream is a prescription medication having a mixture of medicines this is used to treat melasma. It facilitates in quick pores and skin renewal. It provides remedy from redness, swelling and itching. Cosmelite cream ought to be used inside the dose and period as advised through your medical doctor. Wash your palms before the usage of this medicine. It is cautioned to test the label for guidelines earlier than use. it is for outside use most effective.


More commonly seen in girls than adult males. Cosmelite cream facilitates to lighten those darkish patches of the pores and skin typically as a result of pregnancy, birth manage pills, hormone remedy, or injury to the pores and skin. It ef ficaciously blocks that procedure within the skin that ends in discoloration. Cosmelite cream also reduces any redness, rash, ache or itchiness that can be brought on in this condition. This improves your self-esteem and self assurance as your look changes. You have to always use it as prescribed and handiest apply the quantity you have been melasma is a not unusual pores and skin trouble that reasons dark, discolored patches on your skin. It’s far advised to.


This medicine is for external use simplest. Use it inside the dose and length as advised by your physician. Check the label for guidelines before use. easy and dry the affected place and observe the cream. Wash your arms after applying, unless hands are the affected vicinity.




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