Amalth Catuaba Bark Extract 930 Mg 90 Veg

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Amalth Catuaba Bark Extract 930 Mg 90 Veg in Pakistan

Increases testosterone levels: catuaba bark extract is widely famous all over the world. This product is commonly a proven solution to help to increase your testosterone levels safely. This supplement can helps to increase physical stamina of gym going person.Enhances energy levels: taking one capsule of catuaba bark extract daily helps to increase energy levels both in men and women. This supplements contains 90 capsule of pure extract which is standardized 10:1 which is equivalent to 9300 mgof raw catuaba powder.Fat loss and muscle gain: this product may help to lose your weight and helps to gain muscle during exercise in gym. this supplement also helps to increase physical stamina.Quality assured: our all supplements are made according with gmp standards. Raw material is sourced from certified supplier. All product batch are tested with third party lab to check its potency and purity. All the product dispatched with freshly made batch, so you can get long expiry of our product.


Amalth catuaba stamina booster capsules works as a natural aphrodisiac and exceedingly beneficial to male endurance. It optimizes stamina, reduces fatigue, and reinvigorates your physical health by increasing the blood circulation in your body. 2. supports mental well-being: this herb has a calming effect on the mind and it promotes a positive mood by counteracting health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It maintains blood pressure too which in turn reduces agitation and nervousness. 3. skin care: the effectiveness of catuaba for healthy skin isn’t unheard-of. The infusion of catuaba bark possesses powerful antioxidants which restores your skin’s natural glow by removing free radicals from your skin cells. 4. memory booster: catuaba enhances your ability to retain memory as it is involved with stimulation of the central nervous system 5. catuaba bark also worked as: testosterone booster.







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