Voox Dd Cream Original 100g


Brand Voox
Item Form Cream
Quantity 100g
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs7200
Imported From USA


Voox Dd Cream Original 100g

Unique voox dd cream is the maximum popular pores and skin whitening cream within the global, it’s far manufactured in thailand and this logo has 3 more products which can be voox dd frame lotion, voox dd cleaning soap & voox detox charcoal. We import these fantastic skin care merchandise from thailand and provide the unique voox dd merchandise to our customers in pakistan.

Voox Dd Cream Original 100g Usage

The important thing benefits of voox dd cream are specially 4, which include skin whitening, sun blocking off, offers oil-loose skin & extensively utilized as a foundation. For the motive of pores and skin whitening, as a new innovation evolved & formulated in japan, from bb cream and cc cream to cowl the flaw and dull spots, authentic voox dd cream re-balances and lighting up skin tone. For the cause of having oil-loose skin, it is the fine cream ever for humans who’ve oily pores and skin, due to the fact oily pores and skin invitations many pores and skin troubles which include acne, zits, scars & even freckles, but simply the usage of authentic voox dd cream two times an afternoon makes your pores and skin oil-loose even as supplying you with a fresh appearance all the time & one of the benefits is as base/foundation as nicely, girls, when going to a party or to a gathering or anywhere, can use authentic voox dd cream as a base/basis as properly & it really works the excellent to assist your makeup stay for hours, however ordinary this first rate merchandise can be utilized by both men & girls. About applying it, i would just say that this have to-have product desires just a smooth & gentle rub down twice an afternoon, which makes your pores and skin composition appearance tremendous, shiny, sparkling & smooth during the day.




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