Vaseline Body Lotion 400ml


Brand Vaseline
Item Form Lotion
Quantity 400ml
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Vaseline Body Lotion 400ml

Every day, your pores and skin is exposed to unfavourable environmental elements like excessive temperatures, low humidity, harsh cleansers, and warm water. Vaseline extensive care deep repair body lotion is designed to penetrate the outermost layer of the skin to help heal dry skin for long durations of time, no longer simply to offer transient, superficial alleviation. Vaseline intensive care deep repair frame lotion is formulated glycerine, to restore moisture to the pores and skin, and micro-droplets of vaseline jelly, that is effective in locking moisturise in pores and skin. Its deeply moisturizing formula offers powerful, long-lasting moisturization. Vaseline intensive care deep repair frame lotion can provide speedy absorbing moisture to offer you deeply moisturized, healthful pores and skin.

Vaseline Body Lotion 400ml Benefits

Clinically demonstrated to restore dry skin. Vaseline deep repair lotion is a non-greasy body lotion which deeply moisturizes your dry pores and skin. Vaseline deep restore body lotion moisturizes deep right down to assist heal dry pores and skin. With such nourishing components, vaseline intensive care deep restore is the best pores and skin lotion for maintaining clean, gentle, healthful and glowing pores and skin. It is good for when you need to get on with your day. it absorbs quickly, so you can get dressed within minutes of software. The vaseline clever pump unlocks with just a 90° turn. With short-lock era, the pump locks inside the raised position after 1 / 4 turn, for less complicated use and no mess. Recuperation by moisturization of ordinary dry skin. Motion in the epidermal vicinity and within beauty area. Inside dermis. infused with vaseline jelly, this deep repair lotion triples skin’s moisture level and keeps it moisturised day lengthy vaseline deep repair body lotion.


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