Truly Komal Long & Strong Shampoo

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Brand Truly Komal
Item Form Shampoo
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Truly Komal Long & Strong Shampoo in Pakistan

Magic grow will increase the increase and thickness of hair strands. Plus, it’ll nourish your scalp and beef up hair follicles!Apply all over and go away in over night. Shampoo and rinse.With the goodness of lavender, apricot, lotus, vitamin e, argan, coconut, almond and plenty greater!.hair oil to strengthen, lengthen, reduce dandruff, nourish scalp and reduce hairfall.These are the constructing blocks for cell rejuvenation, so fixing the troubles from the mobile level. Stem cells naturally have antioxidant homes and they nourish skin cells which promotes mobile turnover and increases collagen manufacturing.Which internationally dermatologists are turning to for a secure and effective method to restoration stupid and dry pores and skin. Start sparkling with out using something artificial and have wholesome and happy skin within a few days!

The Way to Use

First-class used on clean pores and skin. Can be used multiple times a day. tremendously endorsed to apply earlier than snoozing underneath a night time moisturizer.After applying shampoo and rinse as you generally do. practice as a minimum as soon as every week however can be carried out each day too.Free of all parabens, preservatives, phthalates, petrochemicals, and dangerous substances such that its even secure for kids!!!


Aqua, glycerin, propanediol,Glyceryl cocoate, pentylene glycol, fructose,Urea, maltose, trehalose, allantoin, sodium
Hyaluronate, glucose, hydrolized pea,Nliacinamide, adenosine, absorbic acid,Glycoprotiens, glutamic acid, valine,
Threonine, retinyl palmitete, tocopherylAcetate, citronellol, linalool, lillal,Propylene glycol, citric acid, sodium
Hydroxide, sodium pca, sodium chloride,Sodium lactate, trideceth-9, dimethicone,Citral.


Truly Komal


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