The Vitamin Company Ultra Slim

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The Vitamin Company Ultra Slim in Pakistan

Extremely slender plus is a unique and all-natural method that aids weight loss. It reduces the overall weight by using bringing down appetite and regulating frame metabolism. The chromium picolinate content material in extremely narrow plus helps in weight loss through melting the greater frame fats and notably lowering the appetite while growing the price of metabolism. The incredible inexperienced tea extracts bring about a sizeable growth in power expenditure and still have an extensive effect on fat oxidation. Extremely slender plus is the most secure manner to lessen weight. It ought to be combined with a weight loss plan for weight loss with sporting events for effective and green outcomes due to the all herbal components in Pakistan.


Take extremely slim plus twice an afternoon before food with water. For best consequences take three tablets a day.
Quantity: 20 tablets


The proprietary herbal & natural combination of extremely narrow plus includes chromium picolinate, apple pectin, bromelain, cascara sagrada powder, choline bitartrate, citrus aurantium fruit extract, garcinia cambogia powder, glucomannan powder, green tea extract, guarana seed extract, inositol, lactobacillus acidophilus, l-carnitine, oat bran, psyllium husk powder, vanadium.


Ultra Slim


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