Saeed Ghani Khas Shikakai Powder 100gm


Brand Saeed Ghani
Item Form Cream
Quantity 100gm
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Saeed Ghani Khas Shikakai Powder 100gm in Pakistan

Saeed ghani khass shikakai herbal powder is fine for your hair. It’s going to offer hair a natural looking shine and luster. Not handiest it’ll assist your hair develop quicker however it will additionally lead them to robust and more healthy.

Saeed Ghani Khas Shikakai Powder 100gm Benefits

Shikakai is a extremely good source of essential nutrients. Its vitamin c content material, especially, enables sell hair increase. Shikakai facilitates upload shine in your hair. Shikakai powder mix in water and make thin paste follow throughout roots of the hair upto 15 mins and than wash. The hair wholesome silk, smooth & gets rid of dandruff. Sikakai herbal powder. Natural beauty variety. Natural beauty variety. A hundred% natural actives. Sure, washing your hair every day with shikakai is nice. In reality using shikakai on hair is better than the shampoos to be had in the market. Shikakai cleanses the hair due to the presence of herbal saponins present in it. shikakai, recognized by way of the vernacular names shika in tamil, seekaaya in telugu and cleaning soap pod in english is a strong ayurvedic remedy for wholesome, long hair. This conventional herb which is going by using the medical name acacia concinna is a mountaineering shrub with oblong-shaped pods of darkish brown color, bipinnate leaves and red vegetation. It’s miles in general found in the tropical forests of the subcontinent. A great deal to our respite, the powerful antifungal and anti-microbial property of shikakai play a key position in doing away with dandruff and lice from the scalp and hair respectively. It correctly gets rid of dandruff however does now not strip away the crucial oils from the scalp, as a result preventing dry scalp issues which ultimately causes flaking and dandruff.


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