Omega Products Alura Henna Powder 100g in Pakistan

Henna leaf powder’ makes for a completely herbal hair dye that comes with brought blessings for the scalp and hairs.  The herbal properties of henna leaf powder assist stimulate hair growth whilst reducing hair fall and helps soothes the scalp and relieves it from itchiness. It works as a herbal treatment for dandruff and springs with conditioning benefits.

Omega Products Alura Henna Powder 100g Benefits

From treating dry, stupid and damaged tresses, to reducing cut up ends, to that offering for the desired nutrients and nourishment of the hairs, it facilitates cater to all of it. it helps upload shine, softness and extent to the hairs and being a totally herbal product, it’s miles free from any sort of side effects or allergies and is appropriate on all hair sorts. For the entire grey insurance of the hairs, opt for ‘alura herbals henna leaf powder’ that works wonders for the scalp and hairs. Instructions to be used: take widespread amount of ‘alura herbals henna leaf powder’ as in line with your hair duration in a pitcher or plastic bowl. Blend it with water till you get a easy paste. Leave the paste to increase for three hours at the least. Gently follow this paste to the hairs beginning from the roots and recollect to use it throughout the period of the hairs. Allow the dye expand for two hours at least. Rinse it off thoroughly with water. Specifications. henna is the pass-to aspect for the hair coloring desires of almost every natural hair care fanatic. But did you know that henna can do lots extra than just color your hair. This flexible hair care factor can be used to keep usual hair fitness. Conditioning, repairing damage, and balancing ph ranges are just some of the various blessings that henna gives .




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