Nivea Lotion


Brand Nivea
Item Form Lotion
Quantity 40ml
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Nivea Lotion in Pakistan

Nivea rich nourishing body lotion is a body lotion that supplies severe moisture to dry and very dry pores and skin. It consists of a blend of being concerned elements in a creamy system that is effortlessly absorbed via the pores and skin to help it appearance and sense healthful, soft and clean. Each soothe dry pores and skin and offer to smooth and softening care in Pakistan. However whilst body creams are lightweight and superb for regular hydration, frame milks have wealthy, creamy textures and are ideal for people who want an extra surge of moisture frame care. This medicinal drug is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor pores and skin irritations (e.g., diaper rash, pores, and skin burns from radiation remedy). Emollients are substances that melt and moisturize the pores and skin and reduce itching and flaking. Nivea excessive recovery body lotion is not only fee-effective, but it’s extremely moisturizing. It is recognised to nourish skin, p.c. in moisture, and has a non-greasy system so after applying your pores and skin will experience like, nicely, your pores and skin.

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T’s accurate to moisturize positive regions of your skin each day. for example, if your heels and ft are dry, a daily lotion sesh earlier than you visit bed can definitely help. You need to additionally be moisturizing your face extra regularly than the rest of your body (i typically persist with two instances an afternoon.Most skincare specialists recommend moisturizing two times an afternoon: once within the morning and as soon as at night. This guarantees your pores and skin’s moisture will stay regular both at some stage in the day and even as you sleep, so that you can constantly stay up for supple, healthful skin.




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