My Protein FlavDrops (50ml)


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My Protein FlavDrops (50ml) in Pakistan

Reducing fats and sugar out of your eating regimen doesn’t need to imply your food are bland and dull. Our unique flavdrops™ let you clearly flavour food and drinks without taking up extra calories.

My Protein FlavDrops (50ml) Benefits

They’re the appropriate way to preserve what you eat thrilling, which we realize can be difficult whilst you’re weight-reduction plan — now you may quick brighten up protein shakes, morning porridge, and undeniable yoghurt while not having any more sugar or fat. our clean to use one-by-one droplet system additionally helps you to manage precisely how plenty of your preferred flavour you add, that means you can enjoy these anywhere, fuss loose. Every time! They come in a massive form of sweet and fruity flavours and are convenient to use, making them ideal for curtailing cravings wherever you’re. These 0-fats flavour enhancers can work wonders with our a hundred% instantaneous oats, making your breakfast a sweet treat that provides 11g of protein in keeping with serving. Instructions to be used: upload between 7-10 drops of flavdrops in your desired meals or beverage. Alter serving size to flavor. 10 drops is equivalent of 0.5ml. every 50ml bottle provides not less than one hundred servings. White chocolate flavour: humectant (propylene glycol), water, flavouring, colour (e150a), sweetener (sucralose). vanilla flavour: humectant (propylene glycol), water, herbal flavouring, sweetener (sucralose). toffee flavour: humectant (propylene glycol), water, natural flavouring, shade (e150a), sweetener (sucralose). no energy, no carbohydrates and no fats.


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