L’oreal Casting Crème Gloss Brown


Brand Loreal
Item Form Creme
Quantity 100 g
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Imported From USA


  1. L’oreal Casting Crème Gloss Brown

Obtain natural-looking coloration with seen shimmering tones the usage of casting crème gloss. The no-ammonia crème formula blends away gray hair, and provides a luscious odor. Colour lasts up to twenty-eight shampoos.After colouring, the conditioner is enriched with coconut oil that famous the richness of your brown hair. It leaves your hair tender and voluptuous with an superb shine.Affords severe conditioning whilst coloring.A non-ammonia hair colour that offers natural searching color with visible shimmering tones and a glossy shine offers your hair a total splendor remedy as the no ammonia formulation covers grey offers you the richness of herbal shade that lasts up to twenty-eight shampoos mild, being concerned conditioner to provide nourished, satin tender, voluptuous hair easy, clean and gratifying utility with the non-drip crème method in only 20 mins, even for novices the sensitive perfume makes colouring a high priced treat.

Direction to Apply / Beauty Tips / Expert Advices

Casting crème gloss is simple to use. step 1 : moist your hair with out washing it and squeeze it well earlier than application. This allows the impregnation and the coloration homogeneity for your hair. Step 2 : put your gloves on. open the developer bottle (2) and pour the complete coloring cream (1) interior. Put the cap of the developer (2) again and shake vigorously to obtain a superbly homogeneous mixture. Step 3 : unscrew imperatively the stop of the applicator tip (2) right now after blending to avoid projections of product or burst of the bottle




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