Lewa Whitening Cream 30g

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Lewa Whitening Cream 30g

Inside the production of pores and skin lotions, numerous ingredients along with paraffins, hydrocarbons, vegetable fats and oils, and animal waxes are utilized. So one can stabilize the emulsion-like cream systems, emulsifiers are used. Some creams with a high water content need to be preserved for durability. The lewa diaphragm pumps and systems meter and blend water, alcohols, perfumes, glycerin and different materials essential for the production of skin cream.

Lewa Whitening Cream Usage

Hermetically tight: no foreign materials or germs penetrate nor treasured substances escape, making sure the very best requirements of hygiene, as a consequence product recollects are avoided. Fulfills high pressure necessities: precise metering and aggregate for pleasant guarantee is ensured Fulfillment of gmp requirements within the cosmetics sector: Little need of alcohols and preservatives require a high hygienic fame of the pump Compositions in line with new trends: touchy herbal merchandise are gently metered Can be used for a wide style of cosmetics (shaving lotions, bathe creams, and many others. Flexibly adjustable: the drift fee can be adjusted via a guide stroke adjustment for one-of-a-kind recipes. Cip and sip possible. Recipe constancy and reliability. Use of fda-compliant fabric. Heated pump heads: better control of viscosity e.g. the fats section. Allergenic gaskets


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