Lakme 9to5 Cc Cream


Brand Lakme
Item Form Cream
Quantity 30 g
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Shipping Free
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Imported From USA


Lakme 9to5 Cc Cream in Pakistan

Lakme nine to 5 complexion care face cc cream is likewise called a nourishing cream, a lightweight, comfortable and non oily formulation that gives you clean appears and glowing skin instantly. It really works as a moisturizer, concealer and uv protector.You’ll get brightening complexion on your face pores and skin using it. it additionally evens uneven skin tone and gives a matte finish to your face skin . it conceals dark spot, circles, blemishes and imperfections from the skin. As a results, you will get natural consequences , more clean, and gentle skin the usage of it.

The Way to Use Lakme Cc Cream

You may need a pea-sized amount of this cream for single use. apply the cream for your cleansed face in dots to your face in addition to neck. Lightly mix out the cream the usage of your fingertips. It’s miles suitable for any occasion. You may even use it on a regular basis.

Key Components of Lakme Nine to Five Cc Cream

Titanium dioxide: it’s far used in sunscreens and different skin care products as a uv clear out and whitening agent. However it’s far inhalable and may reason health risks. An excessive amount of titanium oxide can motive lung cancer. But this cream use tio2 in a confined quantity.Glycerine: it’s far used in many merchandise for the lubricating and moisturising reason. It lessens the dimensions of pores and acts as a toner and sunscreen. Glycerine fights pimple and gives clean skin.Bisabolol: it is useful to deal with the angry areas on the skin. The calming impact of bisabolol makes your skin clean and soft. It fights acne and maintains microbes away.




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