Keto Cheesecake Delicious Low Carb Shake Mix in Pakistan

Best with almond milk our client’s favorite for adding to almond milk, mixing a few fruit, and mixing it with ice. It’s so creamy and tastes similar to cheesecake so you can mix, bake, combination any way you want to create a superb tasting keto dessert. Splendid taste – keto cheesecake is a delicious keto shake on its very own with just water. It’s additionally perfect to feature for your favorite smoothie for a sweet raise, or your baking recipes for a creamy cheesecake taste you can’t beat. Made with real cream cheese – made from real cream cheese powder, providing 15g of fat that allow you to attain your macros, stay on the right track, and feature a scrumptious low carb cake mix treat you without a doubt enjoy. Keto-friendly – one serving of keto cheesecake offers you 15g of fats and most effective 4g of carbs fitting flawlessly into your ketogenic and coffee-carb diet. No longer many keto snacks can suit into your macros while still tasting this top-notch in Pakistan.


Emerge as the envy of your buddies with this speedy weight loss solution. An capability to meet your sweet teeth. Create delicious baked goods the use of keto cheesecake as an additive element. Keto-friendly. Amazing taste.




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