Golden Pearl Facial

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Golden Pearl Facial in Pakistan

Golden pearl beauty facial cream is pioneer in splendor cream market of Pakistan. Its particular formulation is mounted by way of golden pearl cosmetics r & d branch. Golden pearl splendor cream makes one terrifi and makes pores and skin complexion white, smooth, and sparkling in few days. It’s far similarly desirable in all type of climatic conditions, even within the extremities of the same and beneficial for both ladies and men because of its precise formula. This is why golden pearl splendor cream is ranked no.1 beauty cream in the Pakistan splendor cream market now.It protects pores and skin from troubles like zits, dryness, eczema and additionally slows down the formation of wrinkles due to excessive exposure to daylight and uv rays. Natural extracts – nothing is more shielding than natural components. The herbal extracts shield the skin, therapies the damage and nourishes it deeply.

A way to use

Follow the cream over the cleansed face & neck, gently rub down until it absorbed thoroughly, and leave.


Glyceryl mononstearate & poe stearate, polyglycerol fatty acid ester, mineral oil, isoprpyl myristate, dimethyl cyclosiloxane, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, nutrition e, vitamin c, glycerol stearate & peg 100 stearate, xanthan gum, carbomer 10, glycerin, propylene glycol, torlamine, germal ii, methyl paraben, amino acid whitening agent, d.i water, fragrance.


Golden Pearl


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