Glyco Aid Cream


Brand Glyco Aid
Item Form Cream
Quantity 30g
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Glyco Aid Cream in Pakistan

Glyco aid cream is a cream manufactured by way of micro labs LTD. It’s miles normally used for the prognosis or treatment of wrinkles, smooth skin, tighten pore, cellular self-renewal. It has some aspect results which include peeling, scarring, brown spots. The salts glycolic acid (12%) are worried inside the education of glycol aid cream. First, wash your face with a purifier and ensure that your facial cleaner does no longer leaves any oily residue. This sediment will make it hard for glyco-resource cream to paintings efficaciously. Then observe glycol-useful resource cream twice every day to the face and neck, gently massage into pores and skin, and do no longer wash off. Studies have determined that glycolic acid has antibacterial and antioxidant activity, which also can assist improve your pores and skin’s appearance if you have pimples. Glycolic acid can also thicken skin via stimulating collagen growth.Glycolic acid plumps the skin and facilitates increase hydration degrees. Because it’s a powerful exfoliator, using glycolic acid often can help brighten the complexion in Pakistan.



Glyco Aid


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