Framesi BY Shape Strong Shine Wax 75ml


Brand Framesi
Item Form Wax
Quantity 75ml
Delivery Time 2-3 Buisness
Shipping Free
Offer 2x Rs8000
Imported From USA


Framesi BY Shape Strong Shine Wax 75ml in Pakistan

Medium preserve wax that doesn’t make your hair difficult. Maintains your locks smooth and first rate for smooth styling. Doesn’t leave residues after a bathtub.

Framesi BY Shape Strong Shine Wax 75ml Uses

Framesi thru be you robust shine wax 75ml is a medium hold, medium resistance wax for regular styling. It’s far perfectly appropriate guys with silly and hard hair. It provides a exceptional shine to the seems and makes them clean to fashion. In assessment to low great wax, this one is completely water-soluble, this means that that there may be no strains of it left after an notable shower. If you are seeking out an ordinary hair wax that acquired’t harm your hair in the end, framesi with the resource of be you strong shine wax is the only for you. medium hold wax that doesn’t make your hair tough. Perky quick bob, slicked again and intense or messy and all over the area – existence is extra amusing while all of us’s loose to discover their personal fashion. Even supposing it adjustments the next day. maintains your locks gentle and bright for easy styling. Doesn’t go away residues after a bath. No lousy heady scent to deal withstrong shine wax is a maximum maintain wax with smooth quit. It defines the locks leaving them flexible and mould-capable. It offers most shine with out leaving any residue.


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