Evoluderm Hair Mask Argan Divin in Pakistan

Specpially formulated for terribly dry and damaged hair, this mask with argan oil and shea butter nourishes and reairs the hair fiber from the lengths to the ends.Entire your each day skincare routine with evoluderm, one of the famous family beauty skin care from france. All evoluderm merchandise are tested under dermatology manage so it’s miles safe for you and your family too.what’s it?Argan divin hair masks (500ml) for dry and broken hair.


This hair mask is formulated with argan oil from morocco and shea butter from ghana which can be recognised for his or her nourishing homes. Argan oil maintenance the hair fiber whilst shea butter protects and softens without weighing it down. Deeply nourished, resulting a revitalized hair with regain softness and adaptability.Practice a enough amount on in your hair.Rest for 3-five mins rinse wellcombine using argan shampoo for most beneficial end result.Nourishing hair mask argan divin specially indicated for very dry and damaged hair by using evoluderm.Silicone-unfastened, this hair mask maintenance and revitalizes the hair fiber way to its formula enriched with end result: revitalized and perfectly disentangled, the hair is enveloped in a delicate perfume with soothing notes.Revitalized and flawlessly detangled, hair is wrapped in a sensitive perfume with calming notes.A masks formulated to take care of very dry and damaged hair.Maintenance and revitalizes the hair fiber with its system enriched with argan oil from morocco and shea butter from burkina faso.The creaminess of shea butter combines with the richness of argan oil in a melting texture that protects and nourishes the duration and ends of the hair.




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