Dr Rashel Vitamin C Cream in Pakistan

It’s miles a small bottle within the diet c package because we need a totally low amount. You need a one or drop and apply it round your eyes. It is ideal for dark circles. Please make sure do not put inside your eyes.Its packing is superb and it moisturizes your pores and skin very smoothly. It isn’t greasy in any respect. It makes your pores and skin high-quality clean, brightening and smooth. Use a tiny amount and apply it to your pores and skin until all cream is absorbed. I’m a massive fan of those merchandise as it labored amazing for me.after using the cleaner, you need to follow dr rashel vitamin c face serum in your face. It additionally includes hyaluronic acid which is good for all pores and skin kinds. It balanced your pores and skin moisture level. Its smells like an orange this is very best. Simply follow some drops on your face. Vitamin c is satisfactory for scars.

Use to Make It:

Pigmentation, and double skin tone. Observe smoothly till all the serum study. You may additionally use it earlier than make-up. You may apply it earlier than sleep additionally.It’s miles a facial cleanser that includes hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is superb the all pores and skin type. Dr rashel diet c cleaner is a foaming cleanser. You just need a tiny quantity and massage it for your face slowly. You need to use it a couple of times a day with water. It’s going to easy all impurities to your face. It includes vitamin c so it nice for the pores and skin. You ought to observe it on the neck additionally. Your face right away brightens after the use of this. Usually use a paper towel.


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