Demelan Cream


Brand Demelan
Item Form Cream
Quantity 20g
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Imported From USA


Demelan Cream in Pakistan

Demelan cream is taken into consideration a depigmenting cream. It is used to lessen or deal with dark pores and skin discoloration that is resulting from the solar or facial marks due to pimples, darkish patches or spots on the face.Demelan cream is indicated for treating darkish discolouration due to the sun, facial marks because of pimples/acne or eczema and light or darkish brown patches, spots or marks in your face because of hormonal treatment in Pakistan. It also helps in the lightening of being pregnant marks after toddler beginning. Everyday use of this cream with no longer only lighten pigmentation, however can even make the skin look wholesome and radiant. Demelan cream may be used with the every day skincare regime. Observe a small quantity of demelan cream to the affected areas after the cleansing habitual. Discontinue as soon as the discoloured area returns to the identical coloration.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of demelan cream to the problem areas inside the nighttime after your normal cleansing ordinary. Demelan cream is not intended as a alternative in your everyday moisturiser. Follow demelan cream earlier than your moisturiser so as now not to create a barrier between the remedy and your pores and skin.




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