C Vita Cream


Brand C Vita
Item Form Cream
Quantity 500g
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Imported From USA


C Vita Cream in Pakistan

C-vita 500 mg depot is a completely unique retard-launch diet tablet. In the gut vitamin is step by step launched from the tablet which ensures the higher absorption and bioavailability of the diet for the complete day. Diet c is a water-soluble vitamin, that is effortlessly destroyed at some point of cooking in the presence of heat and oxygen. The satisfactory dietary assets of vitamin c are clean raw culmination, berries and greens. The daily everyday consumption of nutrition c is important because it’s far poorly saved inside the frame. Nutrition c is concerned in numerous biochemical reactions in the frame. It’s miles an antioxidant that promotes protection of cells from oxidative strain. Diet c contributes to the regular collagen formation for the regular feature of bones, skin, teeth, cartilage and blood vessels. Consumption of diet c is beneficial in stress, exercise and cigarette smoking because nutrition c contributes to the reduction tiredness and fatique, everyday function of fearful system and psychological function in Pakistan.


L-ascorbic acid, täyteaineet (cellulose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, polydextrose), glazing agents (magnesium salt of fatty acids, polyetylene glycol), anticaking agent (silicon dioxide), hues (titanium dioxide, riboflavin).


C Vita


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