Beaver Spun Shine Wax

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Brand Beaver
Item Form Wax
Quantity 60 g
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Imported From USA


Beaver Spun Shine Wax in Pakistan

This special wax shines hair right away with a gentle keeping ability resulting in a captivating smooth styled form. Maintenance and softens broken, frizzy, and dry hair. Protects hair in opposition to uv-rays and heating harm because of the hair dryer and vicious environments.The wax fixes within the hair and doesn’t budge the whole day giving your hair a firm shape across the clock. With a unique formula that creates a sturdy defense in opposition to uv damage, this hair wax continues your shine on.if you need luscious soft locks with a sleek gloss, then use the shine robust preserve wax by beaver because the appeal it spells for your hair is unequalled. It has an unusual capacity to hold your hair together and preserve it smooth but firm for a super-described, styling shape.

Product Highlights

On the spot shine that stays on all day.brings lower back easy, soft hair in some makes use of.absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue.Present a precise, styling form that stays on for the complete day.offers a seen 3 d impact in your hair.


Brightens and repairs dull and damaged hair robust preserving form .display 3-d form wellthe special wax texture shines hair instantly,showing captivating gloss and expresses 3 d impact.Maintenance and,softens broken, frizz and dry hair, retrieves clean for susceptible ends.Professional resisted method protects hair against
Uv-ray of sunshine and heating damage of hair drier, preserve hair shine all day. smooth holding potential, presents definited styling shape.




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